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Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Estimated delivery times all depend on your delivery address.

If you live in Australia, the standard delivery is 3-5 days depending on which state you are in.

International shipping times will vary depending on which state you are in, and your local postal service.

Just as a reminder: Orders must be placed 2-3 weeks prior in order for your table(s) and extras to arrive on time. Last minute orders will be charged extra, and we don’t want that to happen. So please get your order in on time!

Information on delivery can also be found on our Delivery Guide.

Delivery Guide

Q: How long is delivery time to my state?

Below are the average delivery days, please note country regions typically attract a further 1-2 days:

SA - 2-3 days

NSW- 3-4 days

VIC- 3-4 days

QLD- 4-6 days - northern QLD 10-14 days

NT- 5-7 days

WA- 4-6 days – northern WA 10-14 days

TAS- 3-6 days

Information on delivery can also be found on our Delivery Guide.

Delivery Guide

Q: How soon will my order leave?

Within 2 business days of receiving full payment, we will we ship your order.

Q: Can I get a new vinyl top for my table?

Short answer yes. You will have to pay for delivery and for the re-skinning process, please email for full details and a quote.

Q: How long does structural warranty last?

Every table comes with a 12 month structural warranty.

Q: What happens if my table arrives damaged?

In the unlikely event that your table arrives damaged please take some photos for us to send to the freight company, and for us to observe as well. Please keep the box that the table came in since you will need that to send the table back to us. Please contact us via email at or alternatively call us on 08 8382-8764.

Q: Where are my accessories? (Protective Carry Bag (For 3-Panel and 2-Panel Table orders only), Ping Pong Balls or Beer Pong Trays)

Your carry bag will be inside table. If you unfold the table you will see your new carry bag sitting inside one of the panels. If you have ordered a bag and it is not inside the out folded table please email us at

If you have ordered a Valance they will be inside a separate box that will be dispatched at the same time as your table.

Q: What is the discount for bulk orders?

A bulk order is considered 10 units or more. Please email us at to discuss your order and a quote on pricing.

Q: What is 'Beer Pong'?

It is a game played between two people or teams of two players where players attempt to throw ping pong balls (table tennis balls) into cups which may or may not be filled with a beverage such as water or beer. Despite its name "Beer Pong", the cups do not have to be filled with beer or alcoholic beverages.

The aim of the game is to land the ball into one of the opponent's cups so that the opponent will be required to drink the cup's contents and remove it from play.

The first player or team to remove all of their oppontent's cups from play wins the game.

Information on delivery can also be found on our Custom Beer Pong page.

Custom Beer Pong