Placing an order

If you would like to place an order, give us a call on (08)8382-8764 or email us at

Important note: Orders that are not placed 2-3 weeks in advance will be charged a rush fee.

Before placing an order with us, please make sure you have read our Service Agreement and are aware of the conditions of the design, production & set-up process.

We hope to get your order to you as soon as possible and doing this will make the process much easier. Thank you!

Have a think about the following:

As a suggestion to make the design process smoother for both parties, the following questions should be considered in order for us here at Tables By Design to get a clear idea of how you would like your table designed:

  • Which one is the main logo that needs to be promoted/emphasised?
    • High quality logo (in .eps or .pdf file) 550mm by 550mm at 300dpi.
  • Are there multiple logos that need to be included other than the main one?
    • High quality logo (in .eps or .pdf file) 550mm by 550mm at 300dpi.
  • If there are multiple logos, is there a certain order in which the logos need to be placed on the table design?
    • For example, a specific order of sponsor logos from the left side of the table to right side.
  • How big does each logo need to be?
    • We do not want to offend other sponsors or partners if one logo is larger than the other.
Look and Feel:
  • What is the main theme of the design?
    • Would you like to include the company's logo or slogan?
  • Is there a specific image you would like to bring attention to?
    • Any shapes or lines?
    • Please provide a high quality version of any images you would like in the design.
  • What is the base/main colour?
    • Please be specific with the exact colour e.g. Saturated Deep Blue, Scarlet Red, or you may provide colour codes in CMYK or PMS
  • Gradient background?
    • A gradient is the gradual change of colours or colours fading into each other.
    • Please specify colours.
  • Texture/pattern in the background?
    • Please provide an image of or describe the texture/pattern.

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Design Services

Our experienced designers can tailor a table top design that matches your vision and product branding so your business can excel in every aspect of advertising.

We do not out-source our design work so you can speak with our graphic designers direct who understand our products and work with you to achieve the full potential of your tables, valances, carry bags and pull-up banners.

There is no extra cost for design work

The design work is already included in the price.

All design work is done in-house

More Design Services

We also offer a number of other graphic design services.

Ranging from logo design to business cards, from window decal to t-shirt designs – The possibilities are endless!

All services at very competitive prices.

Contact us for more information!


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Freight Charges

Delivery charges are subject to location. Contact us for a quote on freight charges.

Turnaround time

Please be aware that custom-designed orders may take up to 1-2 weeks to complete on top of the delivery time depending on the number of modifications or 'tweaks' that are needed to make. This turnaround time also includes printing and production. Production times will vary depending on the quantity ordered.

Custom-designed orders include the use of our design services for Table-Top designs and 3/4 & 1/4 Valance designs (for both canvas and vinyl valances.

For delivery times, please see guide below.


Delivery Times (Guide Only):

Please contact us for any questions or queries via phone (08 8382-8764) or email.


1 to 2 days

Melbourne Country

3 to 5 days


3 to 6 days


2 – 3 days

Sydney country & Canberra

3 to 5 days


3 – 5 days

Brisbane Country & Coast

5 to 10 day

Darwin & Alice Springs & Country

4 to 12 days


4 to 6 days

Perth Country

8 to 14 days

(WA country is very hard to find a company to deliver at a fair price.)

(Please be aware we are always on the lookout for a better delivery service for orders to be delivered to country areas.)


Next day delivery, only if order deposit is received before 12 Noon.

(Note: You may pick up your order from our warehouse, but you will need to arrange a pick up time by e-mailing us first.)

Adelaide Country

2 to 4 days

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