All products come with a 12 month warranty; excluding table tops. Due to the extensive unknown treatment of the table tops, table tops cannot be covered by a guarantee. However, the table structure is covered by a 12 months structural warranty.

Please kindly note: The table tops are made from MDF (also known as Medium Density Fiberboard) which is subject to 'flexing'. 'Flexing' is where the board expands and contracts both horizontally and vertically when temperatures and humidity rise and fall (Source: Solid Wood vs MDF HERE, HERE and HERE). If you see that your table top has started to 'flex', it is perfectly normal and will return back to its original state once the weather cools.

'Flexing' is not covered in the 12 month structural warranty as it does not affect the overall structure and integrity of the product and does not hinder the use of the product or the product's purpose.

Understand that the DECAL on the top of the table is not covered by any warranty due to the unknown treatment the top can undertake. This may be due to customers leaving table(s) out in the weather, exposure to large amounts liquids and moisture and/or failure to maintain its cleanliness.

Tables By Design will not be responsible for any misuse or lack of maintenance done by the customer to any products that are purchased.

There will be no returns or refunds on items with damaged table-tops due to customer's negligence. Please refer to the warning below.

Resulting example of negligence

If you are unhappy with your table or any other products that you have purchased, please return the item(s) within 7 working days at your expense. That means that in order for you to receive a full refund of the purchase price, excluding delivery cost, the customer must pay for the return shipment.

A significant reason as to why you wish to return the product(s) must be provided and with valid proof. This may include a default in the product that is entirely not of any fault of the customer.

Tables By Design will not accept any returns or give refunds if you simply change your mind about the type of product(s) or design(s) that you have purchased.

You must first contact us to let us know why you wish to return the product(s), and we will ensure that an appropriate and professional solution will be found before it has to be returned.

For more information or further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.